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Muffins 2.75 Quiche 4.25
Scones 2.75 Cinnamon Roll 3.00
Coffee Cake 3.75 Cream Puffs 3.60
Carrot Cake 3.00 Cookies 1.75
Biscotti 1.75
*Gluten Free Add 50 Cents
Bagels 1.25
Cheese/Jalepeno 1.50

Plain 1.25
Herbal 1.50
Smokey Cheddar 1.60
Smoked Salmon 1.60
Sundried Tomato 1.50

Large Burrito 4.25
Small Burrito 3.50
Meat Biscuit 2.75
Veggie Biscuit 2.40
Sweet Biscuits & Sausage Gravy 4.50
GF Breakfast Sandwich 5.25

Eggs [2] 1.50
Sausage Patty 1.50
Sausage Gravy .75

Avellino Coffeehouse uses fresh, local ingredients for all of its baked goods! Our baker comes in at 2 AM to prepare every item on our menu from scratch, ensuring that each baked good you order is fresh every day.

Avellino Coffeehouse is renowned for bringing quality, variety and consistency to our baked good offerings that include delectable danishes, sumptuous cinnamon rolls, our magnificent morning glory muffins, our superlative scones, and much more.

Are you gluten intolerant? No worries. Avellino Coffeehouse offers a wide selection of delicious, all-natural gluten free baked goods - made and delivered fresh daily from our sister store in Bellingham, Avellino Gluten Free.

We invite you to visit Avellino Coffeehouse and treat yourself to a broad selection of regular and gluten free American pastry items baked fresh daily with local ingredients.

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