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(May 2, 2017)
"The music is always good at Avellino! I also think it's nice that they change the artwork frequently. The coffee there is always superb! This is one of the last true hole-in-the-walls around."
Scott M.
~~ Everson, WA

(April 24, 2017)
"The vegan and gluten free donuts are awesome! I like that the people who work there know my name and are friendly. I love the baristas and the coffee. Also, their lemon bars are A+."
Anastacia F.
~~ Bellingham, WA

(March 16, 2017)
"Whatever I purchase at Avellino is always prepared perfectly and presented pleasantly. The service there is spectacular and second to none! I also like the soothing setting. Because great things should be shared, I tell other people about the coffee from Avellinos."
~~ Bellingham, WA

(March 10, 2017)
"Avellino has the best espresso in town. They are very friendly there and the baristas go out of their way to get me whatever I want. I recommend Avellino to people I know."
Lisa M.
~~ Bellingham, WA

(Feb 25, 2017)
"I am very satisfied with whatever I purchase at Avellino! The customer service is excellent and I really like the atmosphere there. I would recommend Avellino Coffeehouse to anyone I know."
~~ Bellingham, WA

(Jan 5, 2017)
"I love the coffee and the baristas are the best! I recommend Avellino Coffeehouse all the time! "
(Dec 21, 2016)
"They have a great staff at Avellino and their coffee and pastries are outstanding! I also appreciate the friendly and attentive staff. I am so impressed with Avellino that I recommend this place to people all the time, especially to people who are new to Bellingham or anyone looking for local atmosphere. "
(Dec 9, 2016)
"Avellino is an amazing place! They have great staff, and excellent freshly made treats filled with love! "
(Nov 14, 2016)
"Avellino has the best baristas and coffee shop employees in town! And I love their coffee and food and pastries. I always recommend Avellino Coffeehouse."
(Aug 24, 2016)
"Avellino employees are the best! They have great ambiance and I love the local art! And everyone should know how outstanding their coffee is!"
(June 12, 2016)
"The staff at Avellinos makes consistently perfect shots and they are fast! What I also like about the staff is that they are very welcoming. I also enjoy the rotating selections of local art."
(May 10, 2016)
"The Avellino staff is so good! They are warm, playful, and welcoming and at the same time they tend to everything to make sure customers are served well. I love the art and the cozy feel of the place. I also appreciate the smart and diverse people that come here. This cafe is the best in town!"

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