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Espresso | Avellino Coffeehouse Short | Avellino Coffeehouse Single Tall | Avellino Coffeehouse Double Grande | Avellino Coffeehouse Double Big Ted | Avellino Coffeehouse Triple
Drip Coffee X.XX X.XX X.XX X.XX
Latté / Cappuchino X.XX X.XX X.XX X.XX
Caramel Latté X.XX X.XX X.XX X.XX
Mocha ~ Dark, White or Mexi X.XX X.XX X.XX X.XX
Rolo ~ Caramel Mocha X.XX X.XX X.XX X.XX

Americano X.XX X.XX Flavor .XX¢
Espresso X.XX X.XX Caramel .XX¢
Macchiato X.XX X.XX Chocolate .XX¢
Con Panna X.XX X.XX Extra Shot .XX¢


2.10/Bag Black Green Herbal

Extra Flavor: .XX¢
Extra Shot: .XX¢
Earl Grey
Market Spice
Lapsang Souchang
English Breakfast

Espresso Frappé   (reg or decaf)(chocolate, caramel or flavor) X.XX
Creamsicle   blended fresh o.j., cream, ice & vanilla X.XX
Fantasia   cinnamon, coffee & orange zest X.XX
Italian Soda X.XX
Iced Tea X.XX
Smoothie   strawberry/mango X.XX
Fruit Tea Blast   strawberry/mango X.XX
Ginger Blast!   1 Ounce Shot X.XX
  Hot Tea X.XX
  Iced & Tonic X.XX

Avellino Coffeehouse is known far and wide for its outstanding coffee! Why is it so good? Our coffee is so famous because it is comprised of a "premier blend" - a triple origin bean that originates from Indonesia, Guatemala, and Brazil.

Our beans are roasted locally at Lotus Coffee Company so you can enjoy premium gourmet coffee right here at our Downtown Bellingham Coffeehouse! Our world class coffee is a bouquet that consumes your senses, a full coffee that exquisitely captures that perfect balance of body, acidity, and flavor!

Then our highly skilled baristas bring their keen knowledge of shots, timing, frothing and pouring technique and that expertise completes the ultimate coffee drinking experience for our customers!

Are you a mocha fan? Avellino Coffeehouse baristas use a Belgium semi-sweet chocolate in our mochas - providing you with a rich, chocolate flavor without all the sugar!

If you prefer a sweeter taste, we make a homemade caramel sauce that will transform our lattes into your favorite drink that will keep you coming back for more!

For you traditionalists, Avellino offers you a large selection of hot espresso drinks that include an Espresso Macchiato, Espresso Con Panna, and an Americano.

Because we believe in keeping all our products local, Avellino Coffeehouse gets its chocolate from Totally Chocolates in Blaine, WA. We then hand grate our chocolate in-house!

And for those warm, sunny days when you're needing your thirst quenched, select from any of our delicious, refreshing fruit teas, smoothies, or our popular creamsicles - made up of blended fresh orange juice, cream, ice, and vanilla! If you're searching for more invigoration, our Fantasia drink will perk you up with its cinnamon, coffee, and orange zest.

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